Chrome x Cardiel ‘Fortnight’ Bag Review

I was so excited when I first got this bag that I almost couldn’t sleep – it’s made by bag legends Chrome, designed by skate legend Cardiel, it’s massive, all black and is made in California out of military grade materials – what’s not to like?

However on my first outing with it, half-heartedly packed with a sweatshirt and couple tools floating about in the huge 40L capacity, I found it alright. It’s quite heavy and actually seemed a bit cumbersome at times. But I carried on using it nonetheless, in fact after that I really didn’t think much about it for a week or so.

Then a couple weeks back I had a long ride to my brother’s pad where I had to carry a pair of shoes, some walking boots, jeans, shirt, socks, all my tools including a pump, camera, laptop, a set of handlebars and stem, 2 books and a waterproof jacket. This all slipped EASILY into the ‘Fortnight’ – the handy clam shell opening swallowing everything I could throw at it. It’s got just enough pockets and flaps to keep your shit separated but not too many that you never know where anything is. As soon as I jumped on my bike I realised what this bag is made for and just why they call it the ‘Fortnight’ – it really can hold enough to last you two weeks.

This bag is a work horse. It sits lower on your back than a lot of backpacks out there and was still really comfortable, no lower back pain, and importantly keeps your line of sight free for checking your blind spot whilst riding which is a major issue with a lot of other bag brands out there – especially the roll top designs. I’ve used it solidly for 3 weeks now and won’t leave home without it – and this has been through the heavy rain we’ve had here in the UK and it’s kept everything bone dry. On shorter rides I might grab my smaller courier bag but the second I have to carry anything substantial I go for the Fortnight.

Here’s a look at some of the details: The straps are heavy duty and keep your shoulders comfortable under heavy weight which is vital considering this bag is designed for big loads:

The back padding is really comfortable and looks like a Decepticon’s armour:

The interor is made from military grade 18 oz. truck tarpaulin which is basically bomb proof:

Just enough stash pockets to keep your stuff separated

One feature I really like is the flap on the back – perfect for rolling a hoody under or even a sleeping bag like Cardiel does in the promo video:

As for the design, I get mixed reactions, personally I really like the squared top and it looks rad from side on:

In conclusion I’d say this bag was designed with a purpose in mind and that was carrying big loads! It does that perfectly and if, like me, you can’t seem to leave home without half your house packed in your bag then I couldn’t recommend the Fortnight enough. The whole Cardiel series is available in the UK from Tokyo Fixed Gear – more details available on the Chrome Website