Kepler – The Fade!

In a few weeks time our new frame, Kepler, will finally be with us in London and available to buy. We had a few samples of the finished product sent on ahead, one of which I built up and took on a thrash around Epping Forest yesterday.

I love how this thing will eat up the tarmac on the ride out of East London yet feels just as at home when you transition to the muddy trails of the forest. So far Kepler has handled lightweight bikepacking through the Scottish Highlands, winter training rides, London commuting and will soon be fully loaded with panniers on a 3 week tour of the Dolomites… I’m yet to find something it can’t handle.

A majority of the Keplers will come in a very nice deep blue, however, a limited number will come in this retro pink-turquoise fade as you can see in the pictures below. Other than the fact that we just think it looks RAD, we felt it reminded us of the mountain bikes we used to drool over as kids in the late 80’s and 90’s, back in the days when all that mattered in life was riding bikes and having fun… not that too much has changed!?