Brother Cycles – Built Through Experience


“Built Through Experience” sums up everything that is Brother Cycles. From the way we run our business to how we lead our lives, it has influenced everything we have achieved to date and will play a big role in what we do going forward.

We have always built bikes that we have a personal interest in and a genuine understanding of. From our very first track frame to the more recent Kepler, we develop our bikes as our own interests in cycling also develop. This philosophy carries through to our personal lives as well and the importance we place on the amazing experiences we have when out on our bikes. It is these experiences that build us as people, motivate us to keep growing Brother Cycles and hopefully encourage others to get out and do the same.

Built Through Experience is a stamp of quality, a guarantee to our customers that a Brother Cycles bike not only meets our own personal standards but is a product of our own positive experiences building and riding bikes.