The Big Bro 29er // Our New Adventure Bike

As you may have seen from our Instagram we’re currently working on an all new 29er adventure frame called the Big Bro. This is currently in the test phase and we hope to release it towards the end of the summer.


As part of our product testing we gave a prototype to Tim from Forever Pedaling and Das Rad Klub. He’s an amateur CX racer with a thirst for adventure and even rode one of our Kepler frames the length of New Zealand – so what better person to put our new frame through its paces.

In his own words:

“Last year I rode across New Zealand on a Brother Cycles Kepler. The guys were kind enough to support me on the adventure, and the bike was the perfect tool for the job, comfy, tough & still fun to ride. A few months back they asked if I wanted in on their latest project – a 29er adventure bike, something I had already been looking into, so I said yes. The ‘Big Bro’ has just arrived, and I’ve built it on a budget yes, but bombproof with components I know & trust. The first spin on this ‘do it all’ bike was fun, and I cannot wait to take it further afield, loaded up with some camping in mind. It’s so versatile – gears/ss/racks/mudguards/multiple cage mounting points, it really could do anything. It weighs in at 12kg, and feels so nimble to ride, it’s going to be hella fun when I get to thrash it in the woods at home & away.”

We’ll keep you updated on Tim and his adventures on the Big Bro – in the meantime here are some pics of his build in a crazy custom purple/pink colour scheme: