Big Bro // Single Speed 29er Setup

The Big Bro, our new steel 29er frame, was designed with versatility in mind. We wanted this frame to suit any adventure – whether that’s an overnight bikepacking trip or a serious multi-day tour.

A lot of this versatility comes from the frame’s replaceable sliding dropouts which allow the use of geared or single speed drivetrains on the frame without the need of chain tensioners:


The guys at SBC Cycles have just put together a great example of this – spec’ing out this Big Bro with a simple Sram S600 crankset and Gusset 1er cog. Creating the perfect single speed 29er, ready to tackle the rough forest tracks and canal tow paths of East London:


You can check out a full build spec and set of photos here.

The dropouts on the Big Bro are also replaceable. Meaning, should you ever bend your derailleur hanger, chances are this will not effect the structural integrity of the frame itself. You can simply replace the dropout and carry on with your next adventure!