Unpaved Podcast | Featuring Brother Cycles and The Woods Cyclery

Earlier this year we met up with Katherine and Tom, the founders of the Unpaved Podcast, to take part in their very first episode! What is the Unpaved Podcast cast? Well, in their own words

“Join us as we travel the length and breadth of the UK, seeking out the very best off road riding in the wild and wonderful British Isles. We’re seeking out the riders, route masters, gear designers and creatives that help us get the most out of leaving the tarmac behind.”

We joined them on one of The Woods Cyclery’s Sunday shop rides to talk about where the current gravel boom has come from. Over the course of the conversation we ramble on about the birth of Brother Cycles, our bikepacking festival Brother in the Wild and where our own interests in cycling have grown from. It’s a very cool project and if I do say so myself, a really good listen – we’re honoured to have been involved in the inaugural episode. So brew up a coffee and have a listen below: