This year, to continue working to increase diversity at our events, we have held back a pocket of tickets for *POC, BAME and all under-represented riders to attend BITW Dorset. General release tickets sell out in the blink of an eye, and although we really appreciate all the love from our loyal BITW fans, it means a lot of people in the wider community miss out before they have a chance to find out about the event.

We have therefore made 20 extra spots available for *POC/BAME riders to attend the event which takes place on the 19th to 21st May. To access these tickets, please responsibly use the ticket form at the bottom of this page. We are going on an honour system with this, so please #dontbeadick if you do not identify with the above.

Ifyou know anyone who identifies with the above and would enjoy BITW that wouldn’t normally have it on their radar, please reach out and share this opportunity with those people and groups. We want to ensure that the social spaces we are reaching, and are a part of, include everyone. We are also taking steps ourselves to share this opportunity with groups who might not normally see it.

In an ideal world ring-fencing tickets would not be necessary, however, we are not there yet and feel that this approach is a great way to increase representation at Brother in the Wild – it’s awesome to see the positive effect it has already had in previous years. That being said, we would love to hear from you if you have any feedback, questions or advice about this approach.

Please drop us an email or DM with any questions and/or feedback.

Much love, and see you in Dorset!

*we acknowledge that the use of ‘People of Colour’ and ‘BAME’ does not necessarily serve all individuals within the diverse groups we are trying to reach and we are continuing to learn and update our language as we go.”

BITW 2023 Dorset: Ring-Fenced Tickets

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