The Story Behind Kepler

Before we release full details on our new frame, Kepler, we thought it would be a good idea to give a little background behind the frame and where it came from.

As our own personal interest in cycling started to broaden beyond track and road bikes and into cross, touring and adventuring, we realised we weren’t the only ones. A large number of our friends were becoming as excited by the adventures their bikes could take them on as the cycling itself. So it only seemed natural for us to design a bike that could handle this kind of cycling. And so we created Kepler – a bike designed for whatever you can throw at it, whether it be a muddy day of cyclo-cross or a transcontinental bike tour.

Why did we call it Kepler? Over a year ago good friend and Brother rider Dom set off on a 3 week solo tour of the West Coast of America. His bike, called Kepler, and the adventure it took him on sum up everything we want to achieve with our new frame. So it seemed fitting that it should be named in honour of this.

In Dom’s own words:


“Johannes Kepler was a German astronomer born 1571 whose life’s work was a major keystone in our understanding of the fundamental laws of physics that govern our world.

He was best known for his laws of planetary motion, which could be said to be one of the most important contributions made in mankind’s struggle to reach out into space to better understand our past and discover our future.

He has had the following named in his honour; an asteroid, two operas, a university and college, a crater on mars and the moon, a mountain trail in New Zealand, a supernova and two space craft.

As if this wasn’t enough, I named a bike I built for a tour down the west cost of America in 2012 after him. I did this because his work has fueled some of the grandest possible exploration and because my bike is my greatest tool for exploration, and an instrument by which all the greatest experiences I have had since have been opened to me.”

Kepler’s exploration of our universe:

Dom’s exploration of the West Coast: