13 years ago we came up with a plan to produce a single product, a simple steel track frame which at the time had no name or branding. We never planned to build an actual bicycle company. We just wanted to create a product that was not readily available at the time, something we wanted to own and ride ourselves.

13 years later and our mission has not really changed. We still only make products that we’re personally interested in, however this now includes a whole range of bikes that span multiple cycling disciplines. And this all comes under the brand name of Brother Cycles, much more than a hobby now, it’s our livelihood and something we are incredibly proud of.

Our 10th birthday was not just an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come, but also a chance to look ahead at where we’re going. We have some exciting plans on the horizon and, as always, none of these would be possible without our community – so thank you everyone for all your continued support.





We are a family run business (yes we’re actually brothers) and operate out of the Brother HQ in the Kent countryside. A studio, workshop and warehouse where we run our entire operation in house – shipping products worldwide.

Our frames are designed by us and are exclusive to Brother Cycles. They are handmade in Taiwan from the best materials, by frame builders with over 30 years experience, ensuring a high quality product designed to be ridden all day, every day, whether in the city or out in the wild.

We design, test and ride every one of our bikes ourselves. This process, from initial concept to finished product, ensures that we are 100% happy with every detail. Our aim is not to release dozens of new bikes every year, but rather a select range of well designed, good looking products that are constantly evolving year on year.





Our community is at the heart of everything we do – connecting with our customers, the many awesome bike shops we get to work with and like-minded brands motivates us to keep doing what we’re doing. We’re lucky to work in a very exciting industry and being surrounded by inspiring people is a real highlight for us.

Therefore, as well as making bikes, we spend a lot of our energy organising launch parties, group rides and events throughout the year. The biggest of which are our Brother in the Wild events – 2 day bikepacking campouts which now take place in the UK, Germany and France.

These events ensure we stay connected with our community and are a great way of reminding us and our friends that most importantly, above all else, we need to get out there and ride our bikes.

Hopefully see you out in the wild soon!