Update for EU Customers


Since the Brexit transition period ended on 1st January 2021 the way EU customers purchase products from us has changed. The first change you will notice is that you no longer have to pay us the 20% UK VAT. This means the initial cost of your order will appear lower. You will see this new price at checkout once you have entered your address.

Unfortunately it is now the case that your order will have to clear customs when it enters your home country, and there may be costs associated with that. These could include Duty, VAT and clearance handling fees which you as the recipient are liable for.

As of 1st July 2021 all goods entering the EU are subject to VAT regardless of their value. This means you will charged VAT by your local customs authorities at the rate applicable in your location.

Goods valued over 150 EUR are liable for VAT and import duty, this would include all our forks, frames and bikes. Current import duty rates are as follows:

Forks – 4.7%
Frames – 4.7%
Complete bikes – 14%

So if you order one of the above you will be contacted by the parcel courier to pay the applicable duty, local VAT and clearance fee prior to them delivering the product to you.

Please note the above information is a guide only, you should always check with your local customs authority to confirm what import costs you are liable for. If you have any questions about the above please feel free to email us at info@brothercycles.com