Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Update

We hope you’re all managing to stay healthy and positive in these difficult times. It’s important that we all look out for one another at the moment and as a brand we feel it’s important to be transparent in the way we’re approaching this situation.

It seems strange to carry on with day to day tasks when the situation with Coronavirus is developing so quickly. However we’re a small company and can’t afford to simply shut up shop until everything blows over, life must carry on. And it is by carrying on in a safe and responsible manner that we will all get through this.

That being said, as a small family run company, we find ourselves in a unique position to be flexible in the way we approach the Coronavirus. We can easily work remotely and will only have 1 person working in the warehouse at a time, meaning that as long as delivery services are still working we should be able to operate without disruption.

Our primary carrier for the UK and Europe is Parcelforce/GLS. For the latest updates on localised disruptions to service please check here:

If you are in doubt as to whether you can receive deliveries in your area please email us at

Ride safe
James & Will